Farm Share

Experience Local Organic Flavors

Honey Circle Farm is so excited to present the 2022 Farm Shares. Our project is unique and multi-faceted, incorporating all the bounty that we grow and produce on the farm.

The flower bouquets are a medium to large colorful arrangement. Picked the day you receive them, for maximum freshness.  A vibrant collection of seasonal cut flowers and aromatic perennials, changing in variety, texture and color throughout the summer.  Bring colorful beauty into your home or business! $175 for 12 weeks. Starting mid-June.

Our veggie boxes are grown to give you the best tasting, most flavorful culinary ingredients.  Uplift your health and vitality, while eating the freshest vegetables and herbs.  Specializing in gourmet varieties, and a diverse selection, your food is harvested the day you receive it!  Starting the week of May 23rd, running till the week of October 17th.


22726 Montezuma Lane, North San Juan, CA

Tel: 530.949.7027