About Us

Our Theory is Beyond Organic

The produce and products we share are some of the best available on the planet. We grow everything beyond organic standards. Local Farm and pickup.

 Honey Circle Farm was founded and created by Ruby Turple. Ruby grew up picking, canning, and growing big gardens. She has devoted her life to growing food for her community and helping people grow their own.

She has started many gardens and taught food sustainability throughout the world,  including in Italy, Argentina and Africa. After working and apprenticing in her younger years at many of the local organic farms, she started her own.

               Honey Circle Farm is passionate about saving our own seeds, feeding the community and creating a more sustainable future—all while growing the healthiest and tastiest veggies you can find anywhere.          

Be part of the change!

“The roots of Honey Circle Farm are grounded in hand-to-land activism. We are dedicated to using organic, regenerative, sustainable practices.  To feed the people, we believe in creating the healthiest, most vibrant, nutritional vegetables, and flowers possible.”

Ruby, owner and creator of Honey Circle



22726 Montezuma Lane, Nevad City, CA

Tel: 530.949.7027